About Alexandre Feliz

   Hi, I'm Alexandre Feliz, a professional skateboarder who in 1996 decided to learn skateboarding tricks and never stopped after that, I've participated in several championships, but the most important ones in my life so far were:

 • World freestyle Round-Up 2020 Online Showdown

    Canada - 21th PRO

 • World Championships freestyle skateboard 2012

    Germany - 9th PRO

  World Championships freestyle skateboard 2008

    Brazil - 15th PRO


    In 2012 Alexandre Feliz started the "Extreme Freestyle", a new modality created by himself that mixes skateboard with climb and the ability to skate everywhere, like mountains, rocks, sand, ice, water, and especially anywhere that seems impossible to skate.


   I also created many tricks like the:

"feliz pogo", "ultimate feliz pogo", "feliz manual",

"pogo extended", "one foot grab over head pogo",
"one foot no handed pogo spacewalk", "deafy impossible",

"leapforg pogo", "deafy fingerflip", "deafy fingerflip to deafy",
"deafy banny hoop to pogo", "cross foot up truck stand",

"cross cane", "up truck stand judo foot grab", "giant stand",

"double foot ultimate stand", "snahrof", "rail cannonball",

"gorila shove-it", "heron knee", "mind control manual",

"ultimate stand foot grab", "up truck stand foot grab",

"up truck stand judo", "no handed up truck stand ",

"thinking", "no handed up truck stand foot grab",

"stairway to heaven", "up truck stand wrap around",

"pogo climb","no handed stairway to heaven",

"wonder rail", "pogo backflip", "pogo frontflip",
"shoot the moon".


   And I keep working on new tricks every day that will be released soon!